Friday, February 24, 2017

Google's New Desktop/Web Version of Allo Messenger

The Allo Messenger

 "Still in early development, but coming to a desktop near you... #GoogleAllo #SneakPeek" was the title which Nick the VP Communications Product has tweeted with screen shot.

This desktop version seems like more of a web application for browser similar to the skype web version. Wether the Allo app will be native for various operating systems like Windows or Mac or will be only a web version you need to still wait for the release the see the cool stuff for this messenger.

Here are some features of Allo messenger app:
  • An integrated with Google Assistant.
  • Allowing its AI bot to offer searches, translations and scheduling information within chats.
  • Chatting directly with Assistant on Android platform to set alarms and search by photos.
The availability of the Allo app Google has not yet announced.

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